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My blogs are private just to my LOVING fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs, Things like my work and master.

Vape Date: Feb 25th @ 9:59am EST
I have two vape MODs. I vape for the cloud and the taste. My favorite flavers are more desserts like cookies and cake. I dont vape nic..
Names Date: Feb 8th @ 10:05am EST
I Only speak English. So I can't really read some of the names or I don't want to say to wrong. If you could just please give me a name to call you that would help so much.
I am Angel has a slave because I like the name and moon because it is pretty too.
Just make something fun and easy, Please!!
**TALK** Date: Jan 24th @ 7:09pm EST
I love when people talk to me in chat. I can't see or hear you, so you text is all I see.. I want to know all my fans. You can message me through the site if you want to ask or comment something. I am very open, just no breaking rules.
Games Date: Dec 19th @ 4:47am EST
My bowling game. 10 credits to play, play stay its for this game please. If I dont get a strike, I HAVE to accept ANY offer. The lowest I can offer is 10 a min. So lets play.
FaNS! Date: Dec 14th @ 9:25am EST
So this is a big ONE. Since I live in a tourist place..if you ever see me and want to talk then just say flirt4free and I will be more open because I`m shy. I love knowing that you guys are real..
Work Date: Oct 10th @ 1:10pm EDT
Work Date: Oct 6th @ 9:24am EDT
On sunday, I had more guys then anyone go crazy over me. It was so cute, one guy was studering.
Work Date: Oct 4th @ 12:13pm EDT
You get a 5% DIScouNT on MY shows and VODs, and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color *PURPLE*. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content, be able to post on our private. Plus I will want to make you happy! <3